Cape Gate (Yehuda Welded Mesh)

Involvement in the Wall

Cape Gate Ltd. is a South African company that manufactures and delivers steel and wire products (fencing, barbed wire, construction materials, etc.). Cape Gate owns Yehuda Welded Mesh, which built the fence around the Gaza Strip and supplied fences for the Apartheid Wall around Jerusalem and in the area of the Mahola junction (Gilbo’a).

Settlement Involvement

Yehuda supplies fences for apartheid roads, including the Cross Shomron road (no.5), which leads to the settlement of Ariel, and the Tunnels Road, which connects the settlements of Gush Etzion with Jerusalem. Further, Yehuda Welded Mesh fences are also used in the industrial zone of the settlement of Barkan, and in the Ariel and Karnei Shomron settlements in the West Bank, as well as in the Gush Katif settlements before the disengagement from the Gaza Strip.

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